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You can download an example of last year’s  PDF version of the schedule:

Orlando Pagan Pride Day 2018 – Workshop Schedule

Time Classroom A Classroom B Outside Outside Children and Families
10:30 – 11:30 AM Shinto

A Western look at the traditional religion of Japan – Shinto meaning “The Way of the Gods”, is the belief and worship of Kami a term that is tied to the native spirits, gods and energy surrounding everyday life. It is believed to have been started 1000 BCE and is still practiced in modern day Japan. This panel will go over what Shinto is, how it is still practiced, the similarities and differences between modern day paganism and how one might incorporate it into their personal beliefs.

Celtic Tree Lore and The Mysteries of the Ogham Alphabet

A brief history of Ogham, often referred to as the “Ancient Druidic Alphabet.” We will discuss how it was used for organizing knowledge, and how it is used for divination today.

Morning Yoga

Start the day with a relaxed body and mind. We’ll open with a brief explanation of what yoga is and how the physical practice fits into the whole. Next we’ll have a short meditation, and a physical practice in the style of Gentle Hatha Yoga. All levels are welcome, including beginners. Bring a yoga mat if you have one, and wear clothes that you can move in and shoes you can easily remove.

Family Workshop – Making Prayer Beads

Join Mystic Grove Craft Circle Teacher, Cat Rigby, for pagan prayer beads. This family friendly craft will have a fire prayer bead design for adults and older kids. We will make our designs and learn the matching chants.

11:45 AM -12:45 PM Graeco-Egyptian Magick

Graeco-Egyptian Magick is an art form that has inspired the medieval grimoire Traditions as well as other forms of modern magick. Come explore the syncretic and beautiful cultures which birthed this powerful form

Introduction to Crystals

Brief history, geology, difference between rocks and crystals, how they help us heal, what is grounding and why it is beneficial.

Introduction to Reiki

If you’re interested in Reiki and aren’t sure what it is, or want to learn more about it, this session is for you. You’ll learn the definition of Reiki, its history, and how it began. We’ll go over what you can expect when receiving a Reiki treatment, and how to get the most out of a session. Finally, we’ll touch on Reiki Degrees and Attunements, with advice on how to honor and respect this sacred energy traditio

Family Workshop – Making a Faerie Ring

Learn what a Faerie Ring is and learn how to make your paper lunch sacks into mystical mushrooms to create your very own Faerie Ring. Due to the use of paint, accompanying Parent or Adult is highly recommended.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM Introduction to the Anderson Feri Tradition

Founded by Victor and Cora Anderson the Feri Tradition relies heavily on Victor’s roots in the Hawaiian Huna, Voudon and Celtic witchcraft and is flavored with Cora’s kitchen witchery as well.  This workshop will introduce you to some of the basic practices and beliefs of the Feri Tradition, taught by Amy Davis who is a Feri Initiate of the BlackHeart line. For more information, please visit

Rethinking the Great Wheel – Honoring the Seasons When You Live in the South.

The traditional wheel of the year is based off of the changing seasons of a particular landscape. Not everyone lives where it snows or where winter means the same thing. Our ancestors were connected to the way the land changed around them and found deep spiritual meaning in its ebb and flow. There is no reason why we shouldn’t do the same today. We will discuss how we can shape our practices to the landscape we live in and the ways we need to rethink our holy days when we live in a place that doesn’t reflect the lessons of the traditional wheel.


Labyrinth Walking

The art of labyrinth walking has been around for over 4,000 years. The workshop will begin with a brief history of labyrinths, followed by a suggested meditative practice specifically for that day and then participants will practice walking the labyrinth.

Led by Mystic Grove teacher Mary Murphy

Family Workshop – Making Magick Wands

May you be a witch or wizard or even a muggle, having a magick wand is very important. Make your very own magick wand by transforming an ordinary chopstick into a super custom magick wand.

Due to the use of a hot glue gun, accompanying Parent or Adult is highly recommended.


2:15 PM – 3:15 PM Classroom A: Introduction to Gaulish Polytheism

This class will be a short introduction to the Gaulish worldview and the most important Gaulish deities, with the the objective of empowering newcomers to the tradition to begin an authentic Gaulish Polytheist practice.

Classroom B: Sorceress and the Scepter: the Quest for Sovereignty

The Left Hand Path is best summarized as a process of transmutation which includes the Quest for Immortality and the Quest for Sovereignty. For those who are interested in Shadow work, Dark Goddesses, or refinement of magical technique, a basic understanding of the tenets of the LHP will prove a useful addition to one’s arsenal.

This discussion will focus on the series of initiations of the Quest for Sovereignty, and the power gained through self-determination.

3:30 PM


Please visit the labyrinth table any time during the day to make your design and leave it to dry.

At the end of the day we will use them in a closing ritual led by Amy Davis.